Success Story – Pikeland Road 2010

In 2004, Charlie and Alyssa White discovered their new home in West Pikeland Township. The 270‐year old farmhouse on Pikeland Road needed work, but the natural woodlands, pastures, and a trout‐filled stream created a setting that was a dream come true. Soon after moving in, the White family expanded, and their love for the township and their homestead deepened. Along the way, Charlie and Alyssa were approached by developers with offers to purchase and subdivide their 17‐acre site for more housing.

They took stock of their situation. Although they were intrigued by the financial opportunity presented to them, they were disturbed by the prospect of permanently losing the natural beauty surrounding their home. In the end, the Whites chose to forego their right to develop and instead work with the West Pikeland Land Trust to permanently preserve their property and protect what they loved about the land. “Working with the West Pikeland Land Trust was a great experience,” said Alyssa White. “They helped us fully understand the decisions we needed to make and the options available to protect our land’s unique features while retaining our ability to use and enjoy it while we’re here.”

Conservation Values

  • 17.1 acres
  • Historic 18th century house with active horse farm
  • 10 acres of woodlands
  • 4.5 acres of prime agricultural soils
  • “High Quality” Pickering Creek

Community Benefits

  • Community access for hiking along 30’‐wide trail
  • Access to Pickering Creek for fishing
  • Preservation of scenic views

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