Why Preserve Open Space?

Benefits of Conserving Land

Benefits for the public:

  • Makes land available for both passive and active recreation.
  • Reduces development and helps avoid future costs for expanded municipal services and infrastructure.
  • Protects farmland and wildlife habitat.
  • Helps maintain high quality streams and protects ground water resources.
  • Protects scenic views.
  • Open space is maintained by the landowner with no added cost to the township.

Benefits for Landowners:

  • Easements permit you to control how the property will be used in perpetuity, no matter who the future owners are.
  • Your wishes remain in force even when political leadership and zoning ordinances change in the township.
  • Easements are tailored to your particular needs and wishes. You may continue to live on the eased property or you may sell it or pass it on to heirs.
  • Placing a conservation easement on the property may have beneficial tax consequences, such as lower estate taxes or lower property taxes.
  • Donating the easement may provide significant federal income tax benefits. Landowners are urged to consult professional tax advisors for more information on potential tax benefits of conservation easements.