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Become a WPLT Member

Private donations are the primary source of funding for our various efforts, such as creating and improving trails, planting trees, and sponsoring educational programs. Members receive updates on WPLT programs and achievements, personal invitations to events, free admission to WPLT workshops, and the knowledge that their contribution is being put to work preserving West Pikeland’s rural character and natural beauty for future generations.
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Conserve Land

People conserve their land for many reasons, but often it is simply to preserve a place they love. There are many ways to conserve your land: You can donate your land to a conservation organization or qualified governmental agency, such as the township; donate your land with life estate, so you may live on it for the rest of your life; retain ownership, but place a conservation easement on all or a portion of your property; provide for limited development or conservation subdivision; and so on. A representative of WPLT will help you explore the various alternatives available to you to help you realize your goals and preserve your land for future generations.
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WPLT needs volunteers to participate on committees that assist the board with communications, stewardship and monitoring, grant-writing, education, development, administration, and mapping. We invite you to contact us and let us know your area of interest. Additionally, West Pikeland Township provides many opportunities for concerned citizens to get involved in land use decisions by participating on volunteer boards and commissions. Contact the township about participating on the Planning Commission or the Environmental Advisory Council, both of which advise township officials on subdivision proposals and ways to improve land development planning.
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Attend Events

WPLT sponsors educational events and workshops throughout the year to educate residents on maintaining their property, protecting wildlife and preserving open space. We invite you to attend our events to learn more about becoming a steward of the environment and helping to protect the natural beauty of our township.
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Attend Meetings

The West Pikeland Land Trust Board of Directors meets on the fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 pm in the West Pikeland Township building at 1645 Art School Road. We invite members, volunteers, and the public to attend our meetings and learn more about WPLT’s plans and initiatives.
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